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IAATI, partnering with IAMI
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marine crime worldwide.


2018 Investigator of the Year
PJS Associates - Peter Smith


2017 Investigator of the Year
Georgia Dept of Insurance  - Mallory Johnson
Allstate Claims Adjuster- Rachel Moore
Georgia DNR Asst. Supervisor, License & Boat Registration - Johnny Ray
GEICO - Lee Stewart

2016 Investigator of the year
Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)
Criminal Intelligence Analyst II - Kerri Plaza
Special Agent - Bradley Lewis
Special Agent - Ryan Bliss


2015 Investigator of the Year

South Carolina Investigator - Greg Brown
Certified Marine Investigator - Louis Harrison


2014 Investigator of the Year

Seaworthy, SIU Director - Rich Carroll
Seaworthy/Boat US Claims Adjuster - Kerry McCook
National Insurance Crime Bureau - Southeast Region

Mitchell County, GA Sheriff's Officers
Kevin Sellers
Melvin Ray


2013 Investigator of the Year

Larmtjanst AB - Special Agent Carina Birking 

Massachusetts Environmental Police
Captain Merri Walker
Detective William Bilotta


2012 Investigator of the Year

Tarrant Regional Water District
Michael Foster
Sgt. R. Cocke 

Texas State Game Warden
- C. Borchardt
Arizona Fish & Game - Lt. T. Baumgarten


2011 Investigator of the Year

Suffolk County Police Department
Detective Donal Hughes
Detective Robert Petro

ICL Investigations, Inc - Charles Meacham
Todd and Associates, Inc - Todd Schwede


2010 Investigator of the Year

C Claims, UK - Peter Clark


2009 Investigator of the Year

Jackson County Sheriff's Office, Medford,OR
Lt. Pat Rowland 
Sgt. Tom Turk
Detective Sgt. Colin Fagan 
Detective Jim Taterrsal 


2008 Investigator of the Year

Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, Enforcement Division
Captain Ron Morris
Lt. Bill Tyee
Sgt. David McAlpin
Agent Carla Rachal
Agent Billy Shoemaker

Progressive Insurance, Louisiana

Sally Mistretta
C. Canski
Sally Mistretta
Chad Thibodeaux


 2007 Investigator of the Year

Arizona Department of Insurance Fraud - Special Agent Randall Fricke 
Todd & Associates - Todd Schwede 



 2006 Investigator of the Year

Baltimore County Police Department
Officer Barry Sweitzer  
Detective Ricky Whitmire 
Detective Chris Millirons 


2005 Investigator of the Year

Coast Guard Investigative Service
Special Agent Randy Thompson, Savannah, GA
Special Agent Jim Kelly, Miami, FL

ICL Investigations Inc. - Charles Meacham 
Todd and Associates - Todd Schwede 


2003 Investigator of the Year

Los Angeles Police Dept.- Detective Sgt. Keith Jackson 


2002 Investigator of the Year

Todd and Associates - Todd Schwede 
SIU Investigator, Royal Insurance - Don Bellante 


2001 Investigator of the Year

Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Sgt. Larry Burden  


1999 Investigator of the Year

Marine Investigations Daniel K. Rutherford
Missouri State Water Patrol   -  Patrolman Steve Crain


1998 Investigator of the Year 


1997 Investigator of the Year

Marine Investigations - Daniel Rutherford
Massachusetts Environmental Police - Dick Blodgett


1996 Investigator of the Year

Marine Investigations - Daniel K. Rutherford 


1995 Investigator of the Year

Massachusetts Environmental Police  -  
William Bilotta          


1994 Investigator of the Year

Marine Investigations - Marcia Lange

Missouri State Water Patrol - Sgt. Jim Marlin


1993 Investigator of the Year

F.B.I. New Orleans, LA - Special Agent Joseph Edwards 
Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries - Lt. Ron Morris
St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office - Detective Tony Romano


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