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IAATI, partnering with IAMI
to combat auto and
marine crime worldwide.
Executive Committee
D.T "Rusty" Russell  President
Tony Spires

1st Vice President

Nathan Allen, CMI
2nd Vice President
Pat Rowland, CMI

Standing Committees and Chairs
Tony Spires Membership/Training
Nathan Allen, CMI Membership/CMI
Mark Beavers, CMI Insurance (Chair)/Exhibitors & Sponsors/Training
Bob Bjelland, CMI Training (Chair)/Regional Coordinator (Chair)
Chris Castelli, CMI Law Enforcement/Legislative/Training
Cody Cieutat, CMI Regional Coordinator/Fire
Kevin Kinsella, CMI Law Enforcement (Chair)/Legislative
Glen Lawson, CMI Fire (Chair)/Insurance
Nathan McGanty IT Concerns (Chair)/Social Networking
Rich Waite, II, CMI
Vendors & Sponsorship (Chair) / Social Networking (Chair)
Chris Abel Legal Advisor
Kerry McCook, CMI Advisor to Board of Director's / Nominating, Immediate Past President
ADHOC COMMITTEES **************************************************
Nathan Allen, CMI (Chair) 

CMI Members

Cody Cieutat
Yusuf Civelekoglu
Jay Pragman
Brian Ripley
Pat Rowland
Dan Rutherford
Todd Schwede
Wayne Skrdla
Rich Waite 

CMI Program Committee
Rusty Russell (Chair)
Nathan Allen, CMI
Program/Site Selection

Nathan Allen (Chair)
Tony Spires

Investigator of the Year Committee
Rusty Russell (Chair)
Mark Beavers, CMI
Bob Bjelland, CMI
Chris Castelli, CMI
Kevin Kinsella, CMI
Vicki Rhodes


M. Yusuf Civelekoglu, CMI

IAMI European Chapter Chairman Liaison


IAMI Committees

To participate either contact
the IAMI Committee Chairperson
IAMI Executive Director Julie Smith


IAMI Headquarters


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