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IAATI, partnering with IAMI
to combat auto and
marine crime worldwide.
IAMI Conferences & Training
Each year the Association, in conjunction with its annual meeting, sponsors a three day training seminar that is open to all members and to all interested law enforcement officers, insurance investigators, surveyors, and Coast Guard officials. These seminars normally cover the various aspects of marine theft and fraud, boating accidents, and very specific investigative techniques that will assist investigators in their investigations.


Examples of topics normally covered at IAMI seminars are:

  • HIN formats; raising, tracing, and lifting HIN's
  • Trailer serial numbers, outboard and inboard serial numbers, and vessel identification numbers
  • Bank and insurance fraud investigations
  • Fire/arson investigations
  • Updates on the status of NCIC 2000 and VIDS
  • Updates on changes to Coast Guard regulations and policies.

IAMI initiated the Certified Marine Investigator training and testing in 2004. This designation for IAMI Members will ensure that marine investigators are qualified in various aspects of marine terminology, forensic photography, investigation techniques, etc. Read more about IAMI's CMI Program in the 'Member's Only' area.

The concept of IAMI began in 1986, when Major Dave MacGillis of the Florida Marine Patrol organized and published the Vessel Theft Investigators National Roster. The roster was intended to assist investigators combat marine theft, a high profit, low risk crime that was out of control, by providing contact persons from various agencies involved in marine theft investigations. In 1990, the National Association of Marine Investigators (NAMI) was formed. As NAMI grew, our membership increased both nationally and internationally, in 1996, International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI) was formed. Ever year since the beginning of NAMI, we have held Annual Training Seminars all over the United States including the following locations:

1991 Orlando, Florida
1992 Corpus Christi, Texas
1993 Charleston, South Carolina
1994 Boston, Massachusetts
1995 Charleston, South Carolina
1996 Biloxi, Mississippi
1997 St. Louis, Missouri
1998 Orlando, Florida
1999 Nashville, Tennessee
2000 Galveston, Texas
2001 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2002 Las Vegas, Nevada
2003 Panama City, Florida
2004 West Palm Beach, Florida
2005 San Diego, California
2006 Virginia Beach, Virginia
2007 Panama City, Florida
2008 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
2009 Portland, Oregon
2010 Galveston, Texas
2011 Chattanooga, Tennessee
2012 San Diego, California
2013 Isle of Palms, South Carolina
2014 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2015 Mobile, Alabama
2016 Knoxville, Tennessee
2017 Savannah, Georgia
2018 Norfolk, Virginia










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