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CovertTrack is a tactical and technical solutions provider specializing in GPS Tracking & Covert Surveillance Technology for Law Enforcement, Government, and Commercial applications. CovertTrack offers custom-built solutions for all law enforcement sectors, including GPS tracking, audio and video surveillance, and bait applications. Plus, a custom online tracking interface to provide real-time data and mapping of people, assets, and vehicles. CovertTrack is a division of 3SI Security Systems. 3SI merged with Wren Solutions in June 2023, strengthening the organization’s combined nearly 100 years of safety, security, and loss prevention technologies. Our combined solutions include asset tracking, video analytics, and seamless data transmission during criminal incidents, giving law enforcement a crucial edge in apprehension, asset recovery, and convicting criminals.

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Joe Farmer

In 1994, Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC (CCSS, LLC) created the first non-auto pool marketplace for specialty salvage assets nationwide. CCSS, LLC's salvage management program provided the insurance industry with another forum for buyers and sellers to find specialty assets without visiting the various auto pools. We specialize in the management of assets that have unique characteristics, whether afloat or on land. When boats, motorhomes, construction equipment , heavy duty trucks, etc. are involved in casualty, CCSS, LLC' s staff is there to coordinate the salvage operation and prepare the asset for the marketplace, where the buyers and sellers enjoy a fair and open arena. CCSS, LLC has no boundaries and has successfully managed unique salvage assignments worldwide.


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